Today, Kayla is wearing a beautiful round shape by EYEFUNC, which unfinished colour line gives it the look of an incomplete circle. Its strong nose bridge accentuates this approach and softens it up a bit. This frame design is available in four beautiful and contrasting colour combinations. The black/white combination has been a very commercial choice and always works very well. The specially selected red is a strong colour, but very friendly on the face. The green is very calm and looks so beautiful on the face, but you can make a real statement and you stand out from the crowd by choosing the orange/blue that Kayla is wearing here.

Inspiration from New York, London to Amsterdam, EYEFUNC invests an enormous amount of resources traveling the globe to bring you the most cutting-edge designs. Our design department is intelligent and daring bringing out their concept in every frame.  Their spirit and nerve guarantee original yet commercial collections every season.