About us

As an 8 year old child, Laivi Freundlich went to the Optician with his mom for his annual eye exam. The result would change his life forever… he needed glasses. It was from that moment that Laivi’s passion for fashion eyewear was born, collecting over 100 pairs of his own personal glasses from the world’s top designers. But something was missing! Top quality, Funky, affordable eyewear.

Eyefunc was launched at Vision Expo East 2007 in New York, with the intent of living up to its brand name EYE-FUNC. Based upon the American success, it was decided to introduce a new collection at the Silmo fair in Paris 2007. Eyefunc Europe is born. Ever since the fall of 2007, we have maintained a fully functioning, International Warehouse in Holland. Approximately 30 new models are presented twice yearly at the Eyewear industries largest exhibitions, Silmo and Mido. In 2015 Cees & Kitty Westland bought Eyefunc Europe. Kitty is now the exclusive designer of EYEFUNC whilst Cees takes care of all daily business. Together with Laivi in New York and our cherished network of international clients, we have a solid team with vast experience in all areas which guarantees a strong, sustainable growth for the international brand Eyefunc.

Eyefunc is a funky, affordable eyewear brand that is colorful, contains a designer edge whilst always keeping up to a top quality standard. Our collection contains frames for kids, teens, petites, trendy men and women, but also more classic people who would like to try something different.

Eyefunc is suitable for all practices from city opticians through to suburban and regional stores. In general, each model has 4 to 5 different colours in metal combined with acetate, epoxy and TR-90. TR90 grilamide, which is the official name, is a rubber material that is strong, yet soft and flexible. Because of these characteristics, the material has been in used a lot for sport frames. You can adjust the material, using heat, but this is hardly necessary, since the material moulds itself more or less around your head.

All Eyefunc frames are produced using eco friendly plating; this means that no nickel is being used in the coloring process. This way, people who have a light nickel allergy or are sensitive to nickel can wear our frames comfortably. Moreover, the paint used on the Eyefunc frames has the highest possible quality available. As an extra, Eyefunc takes pride only to work with pre-inspected factories in Japan, South Korea and France where no children are at labor and employee’s wages abide by the rules of government.


It is the mission of EYEFUNC to contribute to the eyewear industry by designing original, funky, wearable and affordable spectacle frames; never compromising on quality. We distribute worldwide through a cherished network of distributors. Our original concept of warehousing and delivering straight from stock is supported by the best possible service team. This enables our distributors to offer exceptional service to their own customers, increase business profits and expand their own business.


Universal Approach

EYEFUNC frames can be worn by anyone. Our great designs, excellent quality and affordable price ratio, have earned us the reputation “there is an EYEFUNC frame for everyone”.

Cutting-Edge Designs

EYEFUNC invests an enormous amount of resources traveling the globe to bring you the most cutting edge designs. Our design department is intelligent and daring bringing out the EYEFUNC concept in every frame. Our spirit and nerve guarantees that we introduce original yet commercial collections every season.

Superior Quality

The quality of all EYEFUNC products is supervised rigorously on a daily basis. Our quality control team is constantly monitoring the production process to guarantee and ensure the superior finish of all EYEFUNC frames.

Service – A Cut Above the Rest

EYEFUNC has an energetic team of motivated employees who are at your service at all times to guarantee a quick delivery. Parts can also be supplied at very short notice.

Exceptional Stock-management

At EYEFUNC we use a celebrated stock management system guaranteeing that all orders can be processed and shipped immediately from our stock room. This system ensures that our distributors and clients do not need to have their own stock.

International Distribution Center

The Dutch have long been known for their international trade expertise. It is for this reason that EYEFUNC head office and our International Distribution Center are located in The Netherlands, ensuring the smoothest possible shipping methods. Our export managers are experts in international trade, further guaranteeing on time deliveries.

8 International Languages

At EYEFUNC our international team is fluent in English, Dutch, Hebrew, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Yiddish.

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